About Us

Moving Picts is a collective of filmmakers with a wide range of experience working in Moray.

The original creative impulse for Moving Picts comes from Tim Flood, an experienced filmmaker and educator who works with young people in the field of Moving Image Education.

Calling together a team of local filmmakers, our first project, in Feb 2013, was to create a short film using a similar format to the 48 Hour Film Project, but in just 24 hours! Many of us were unknown to each other; however we did create a film from pitch through to edit, and whilst it didn’t win any awards, it gave us a great opportunity for a group of strangers to learn how to work together.

Another short film and a music video have followed and in August 2013 we entered the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film project. Our film, The Stallion Range, used a crew of 17 and a cast of 3 lead actors and 3 supporting. The youngest was 1 year old and the oldest is in his 50’s, with 5 young people under 18 appearing on both sides of the camera.

We were selected for The Edinburgh International Film Festival Short Film Challenge with The Barometer in 2014.

Early 2015 saw us at The Edinburgh International Film Festival Short Film Challenge with Light Fandango aka Willit. 

In late 2015 we entered the Aberdeen 48 hour film competition. Aurora won best music, best special effects and …best cinematography.

There are more Moving Picts films here.

Our Facebook site is here.

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Moving Picts Board

  • Chair : Tim Flood
  • Secretary : Marion Normand
  • Treasurer : Maria Craig
  • Co-opted Members : Sven Skatun & Iain Davidson

Group Members

  • Anni Tinsley
  • Antje Rickowski
  • Dave Smith
  • Eian Smith
  • Iain Davidson
  • Ian “Ianto” Moore
  • Jill Connor
  • Lorenz Gramann
  • Maria Craig
  • Marion Normand
  • Niki Lewin
  • Nikki Smith
  • Shakeel Ansari
  • Sven Skatun
  • Tim Flood